The PRIVATE LESSON program is based on a calendar year that includes 45 lesson days and 7 vacation days per year. A published list of vacation days is available from the office updated throughout the year. Each monthly payment is treated as an installment based on the annual tuition fee Therefore the number of lessons each month may vary while the tuition installment remains the same. Each new student enrolling in the program is charged a one-time only, non-refundable registration fee. Tuition payments are due on or before the first class session of each new month. Tuition must be received by the 5th of the month. NO BILLING STATEMENTS WILL BE MAILED TO YOU UNLESS AN ACCOUNT BECOMES DELINQUENT. Payments not received by the 5th are considered delinquent and may be subject to a late payment fee of $10.00. Returned checks or other funds are subject to a service fee of $35.00. Payments may be made in person, paid on line or mailed to our office at 8125 W. Manchester Ave. Playa Del Rey, CA, 90293.


Discounts of 10% are applied to the tuition rate classes or lessons taken by a student concurrently enrolled in any other programs.


A 24-hour advance notice is required to gain credit or a make-up time (at the discretion of the teacher, if time permits) for missed lessons. This type of absence is called an EXCUSED ABSENCE. Out of consideration for your teacher, lessons missed without sufficient notice (24-hour notice) are considered UNEXCUSED ABSENCES and are charged the regular rate. Three (3) EXCUSED ABSENCES are allowed per calendar year, after which any additional absences will, regardless of circumstances, not be taken into consideration for credit against tuition. This policy is in force out of respect for your teacher who reserves a special time for you in his or her schedule each week. Extended absences may be excused when the school is notified 15 days in advance.


The Playa Music Lesson reserves the right to change day, time, and/or place of lessons when necessary to accommodate changing schedules of teachers, or space requirements. At least 14 days notice shall be given should a change occur and every effort would be made to facilitate smooth transition to the new schedule for each student. The Playa Music Lessons DOES NOT GIVE REFUNDS OR CREDITS FOR MISSED CLASSES.


Please make this decision thoughtfully with plenty of discussion between the teacher, parent, and student so that lessons can cease with a positive sense of closure. If you decide not to take lessons anymore we require you to fill out the cancellation form at least two weeks in advance. If you cancel without notice you are responsible to pay for the following month.


During the year, several performance opportunities are made available to students. These events provide pupils with further incentive to practice and excel, and can have a positive effect on a student’s sense of accomplishment. Recitals build confidence and reinforce the concept that good practice habits result in good pianists.

Students who take part in these programs commit to the event at least six weeks in advance, thereby giving ample time to prepare their respective piece(s). Students scheduled to perform for recitals are required to attend and perform. Except in cases of family emergency or illness, students may not “drop out” from the program. Such behavior then affects the entire recital, and is not fair to the other performers.

Performers must be at the facility no later than 10 minutes before the beginning of the recital. Participating students and their families are expected to remain for the duration of the entire recital, thereby providing ample audience and respect for all performers.


Each year, the various organizations provide educational and competitive opportunities for qualified students. Such events may be offered to those students who seem to possess the necessary maturity, discipline, talent and temperament to participate in such events. If a student is interested in attending any event in order to help with making committed decisions, please let us know and we will provide you with pertinent information. Bear in mind that these opportunities require a high level of determination, more serious practice habits–and the ability to perform in a competitive arena with a high level of confidence and intensity.


The processing fee is for the entire year and is due at the time of registration. For returning students the annual fee is due on February 1st.

Individual $40

Household of 2+ $55

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