Dr. Azadeh Raoufi, NCTM

Dr. Azadeh Raoufi, NCTM

Dr. Azadeh Raoufi, pianist, harpsichordist, conductor is the founder and school director. She earned two Bachelor’s Degrees in Piano Performance and Computer Science and a Master’s Degree in Piano Performance and Pedagogy from University of Iowa in Iowa City. She received her Doctor of Musical Arts in Early Music from University of Southern California.

Dr. Raoufi has been the keyboardist of Baroque Sinfonia Ensemble from 2009 to 2015, the ensemble that won the Early Music Festival Young performers for five consecutive years. She has performed in different groups such as Harpsiolin and Concitato 415 with which they won the Beverly Hills Music Auditions.

As part of her last project for her doctorate degree, she started developing series of Music Theory apps for Android and iOS called “Miss Azi’s Music Maze”, “Miss Azi’s Little Pianists”, “Miss Azi’s Clef Master” and “Miss Azi’s Scale Master.”

Email Dr. Raoufi: PlayaMusicLessons@gmail.com

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