Randy Mallory

Randy Mallory

Randy Mallory is a 32 year old professional touring and studio drummer. Originally from Bridgeport, Connecticut, Randy began his music journey at the age of 2.

Growing up in a musical family, Randy learned at a young age from his surroundings. From his playing in church to following around his father to gigs who was a professional guitarist.

At the age of 20, Randy decided to further his formal training by moving to Los Angeles to attend Musicians Institute. After graduating with associates degree in Percussion Performance, Randy got his first 3 month tour playing drums on Matisyahus built to survive tour the same month.

Since then Randy has toured and worked with multi different mainstream artists, playing all different genres.

With the love to give back, Randy’s mission is to inspire the younger generation to never give up on their dreams.

Email Randy: randytmallory@gmail.com

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