Razmik Baghdasaryan

Razmik Baghdasaryan

Razmik Baghdasaryan is an accomplished Tenor soloist, composer, and conductor with a deep passion for classical music. As the founder of Harmony Records Armenia, he blends unique cultural elements into diverse genres, showcasing his instrumental and vocal prowess.

With a decade-long tenure as a soloist with the National Chamber Choir of Armenia, Razmik has captivated audiences globally with his emotive performances. His musical journey spans countries like Italy, France, and the USA, earning him recognition from esteemed organizations and accolades from the California State Senate and Assembly.

Fluent in Russian, Armenian and English, Razmik enjoys creating musical pieces for choirs, writing soundtracks, and playing chess in his leisure time.

Email Razmik: razmikbagdasaryan1@gmail.com

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